A pipe, a book,
A cosy nook,
A fire, at least its embers;
A dog, a glass:
'Tis thus we pass
Such hours as one remembers.
- Tom Hall, 1892

Things to learn:

- Pipes, tools, and accessories
- Tobacco types and blends (aromatics, etc.)
- How to pack a pipe
- Remove moisture after use (and during)
- Clean your pipe after it's cooled down
- Don't remove the stem while it's warm
- Don't knock your pipe against hard surfaces
- Let pipes "rest" (dry out) after use
- How to "break in" a new pipe
- How to smoke (packing, char light, tamping, cadence, etc)


George Bruno, How (and Why) to Smoke a Pipe

Stuff and Things, Guide to Pipe Smoking, full playlist

Aristocob's How to Smoke a Pipe video

More Info:

Pipe Shapes
Tobacco Reviews
Pipe Smokers Forums

The Complete Corn Cob Primer

Pipe smokers live longer than non-smokers

Where to buy:

Pipes and Cigars
Tobacco Pipes
Smoking Pipes
Missouri Meerschaum

All you need to get started:

One Corn Cob Pipe or or Another
A Czech Tool, Pipe Cleaners, Filters (optional)
An Aromatic Tobacco

All you need to get started, another option:

A Corn Cob Pipe or An Inexpensive Briar Pipe
A Czech Tool, Pipe Cleaners, Filters (optional)
An Aromatic Tobacco and/or A non-aromatic Tobacco

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